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Villa rentals in Costa Brava & Costa Dorada
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Accommodation and villas in Costa Brava
With all the treasures Catalonia has to offer, there is an abundance of unique and comfortable accommodation. Be sure to choose the best for your budget and consider renting an apartment or a villa in Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa de Maresme or Costa de Garraf.
When booking an apartment or a villa in Costa Brava short-term, you are guaranteed to save when you consider the amount of living space you get. Apartment rentals in Costa Brava are much more suitable for comfortable living and active vacations, and luxury accommodation in Costa Brava offers even more freedom and comfort.
If you are travelling with a group, renting a villa in Costa Brava may be optimal for your vacation. Villa rentals in Costa Brava offer the unique opportunity to socialize in the complete privacy of the Catalan countryside. Rental villas in Spain have numerous living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, a garden and a swimming pool, a fully equipped kitchen, a mountain or a sea view. No neighbours, no city bustle or noise, just relaxation. Many villas that we offer in Costa Brava and Costa Dorada are ancient monuments.
You may also rent a villa in Spain for a beach vacation on the Balearic Islands - Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca. The capital of the Balearic Achipelago, Palma, offers visitors a wide selection of short-term apartment rentals.
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Olot is the administrative centre of La Garrocha district in Girona, Catalonia. The town is populated by 33.725 people (2011 data). Olot owes its popularity to the natural park of the volcanic zone of Garrocha, located on the territory of the district. One of the most beautiful volcanoes in the zone - Montsacopa - is found within the town borders. The perfect shape of the crater, barely deformed by lava eruptions, makes the volcano look like an upside-down mug, hence its name, which loosely translates from Catalan as "Mountains to drink from".

Olot is rich not only in natural beatuty, but has many historic buildings as well, many of which are classified as cultural monuments and are protected by the government.

The parochial church of San Esteban (Parroquia de San Esteban) is located in the centre of town. The first mention of the church dates back to 987, and in 1116 it started to receive members of the parish. The now-existing Moderne facade was built in the 19th century. Another notable structure in Olot is the monastery of Carmen (Claustro del Carmen), built in 1603 by LГЎzaro Cisterna. The School of Arts of Olot (Escuela de Arte de Olot) is based there today.

Olot is a place of action for many well-known festivals and shows, renowned internationally. In July, Olot hosts an international music festival Cornamusam, and in October its famous livestock fair, La Feria de Sant Lluc, kicks into gear - it has been happening in Olot since 1314!

The most anticipated holiday for the city dwellers in Olot is, of course Las Fiestas del Tura, the fiesta mayor of Olot, celebrated on the week of September 8th. For five days, visitors and residents enjoy carnivals, dance performances on central squares, the obligatory performances of Giants and Big-Heads (traditional characters of Catalan celebrations). Fiestas del Tura are among the most famous Spanish holidays on par with San Fermin in Pamplona, Las Fallas in Valencia and Semana Grande in San SebastiГЎn.

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Girona (province)
Garrocha (district)
Olot (town)

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The crater of Montsacopa Volcano The church at the top of Montsacopa Volcano
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