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Villa rentals in Costa Brava & Costa Dorada
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Accommodation and villas in Costa Brava
With all the treasures Catalonia has to offer, there is an abundance of unique and comfortable accommodation. Be sure to choose the best for your budget and consider renting an apartment or a villa in Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa de Maresme or Costa de Garraf.
When booking an apartment or a villa in Costa Brava short-term, you are guaranteed to save when you consider the amount of living space you get. Apartment rentals in Costa Brava are much more suitable for comfortable living and active vacations, and luxury accommodation in Costa Brava offers even more freedom and comfort.
If you are travelling with a group, renting a villa in Costa Brava may be optimal for your vacation. Villa rentals in Costa Brava offer the unique opportunity to socialize in the complete privacy of the Catalan countryside. Rental villas in Spain have numerous living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, a garden and a swimming pool, a fully equipped kitchen, a mountain or a sea view. No neighbours, no city bustle or noise, just relaxation. Many villas that we offer in Costa Brava and Costa Dorada are ancient monuments.
You may also rent a villa in Spain for a beach vacation on the Balearic Islands - Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca. The capital of the Balearic Achipelago, Palma, offers visitors a wide selection of short-term apartment rentals.
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General information
Province: Girona
District: Baix EmpordГ 
Population (2010): 3,421

L'Estartit is a small Costa Brava town, famous for its great beaches and the islands of Medes (Islas Medes), found about 1000 meters away from the coast. Seven rocky islands huddled close to each other have been declared a national park in 1985. More than 1300 different types of plants and animals can be found there! The Medes islands are very popular among divers and lovers of underwater exploration.
L'Estartit is also a great place for family holidays: the beaches here are made of clear sand and waters at the coast are quite shallow, making it easier and safer for children to have fun at the sea.

Apartments and villas for rent (L'Estartit)
Blue VI - 36 mВІ, studio
Blue VII - 36 mВІ, studio
Nautic VI - 65 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Nautic VII - 65 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Blue IV - 50 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Blue V - 50 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Nautic XI - 45 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Nautic XII - 45 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Nautic XIII - 45 mВІ, 1 bedroom(s)
Star - 60 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Marina - 100 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Gold V - 60 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Island - 200 mВІ, 4 bedroom(s)
Villa Estartit - 160 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)
Gold II - 60 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Gold VI - 60 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Gold X - 60 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Gold XVII - 60 mВІ, 2 bedroom(s)
Berna - 100 mВІ, 3 bedroom(s)

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